A bookshop where people are reading

I had to hop over the border yesterday to visit a factory in Shenzhen. Before I went back to Hong Kong, I stopped at “Windows of the World” metro. Around eight years ago I lived next to the metro stop and I recall there’s a large shopping mall.

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Deutschland – the question of nationalism vs patriotism and how a country struggles with its past….

“Deutschland” shouts the masculine voice of Till Lindemann, frontman of the German hard rock band Rammstein.

“So what”, you might think, after all people should “Deutschland” at football matches. Or “USA”, “England” etc for that matter.

But not long ago, things weren’t that easy as they are now….

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Why WeChat Pay is so popular

Everyone who’s been to China or is doing business with Chinese companies has heard of WeChat. It’s an application that resides on your smartphone and provides a number of services including chatting (WhatsApp, iMessage), audio and video calling (WhatsApp, FaceTime) but also sharing photos / status updates with your network (Facebook). There’s one application that really makes it different to it Western counterparts – WeChat Pay. Continue reading “Why WeChat Pay is so popular”

A day trip to Shenzhen

It’s been a while since I went back to Shenzhen. I pass the city every week but my interaction is limited to leaving the Hong Kong – China border, heading to the train station and taking the train to Dongguan.

I read about a new Book store,本来书店, that opened in a new shopping mall in Futian called 深业上成 with an extensive children’s book section. Continue reading “A day trip to Shenzhen”

Back to Taiwan….

It’s been more than 1.5 years since we visited Taiwan. Time to come back, this time with the entire family including all nephews, nieces and in-laws. Total of 16 people. This time we didn’t go to the (for us) usual places such as Taipei or Taichung but to Yalin, a city in the north-east of the island. I’ve been to Taiwan many times but never to the east coast, which is far more laid-back and remote compared to the urbanised west-coast.

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Taiwan, I love you….

Taiwan… A much underrated island of the coast of China.

As my wife’s father’s family is from Taiwan we typically go there once a year. There are many reasons why I love Taiwan. Among them is the nature, the food and most of all the people.

They’re just the nicest people on earth. And they take pride in their service. 
We landed at Taichung airport and needed a room to change our son’s and daughters diapers. 

In Europe you might find a public toilet with a baby changing facility. Not so in Taiwan.

There was a special room for breastfeeding and baby care. Inside, there was a baby changing facility, water in different temperatures, diapers in three (!!!!) sizes, baby body lotion and even heated wet towels (they got a special machine to wet the towels).

Taiwan, I love you….  I’ve never ever seen anything like this.

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