A Hong Kong experience – Sai Do Si 西多士

Hong Kong is famous for it’s variety of eateries. You will find everything from a small street stove to a five star restaurant. You fancy Indian, German, Chinese, French, Spanish cuisine? No problem, it’s all within a few meters in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong’s uniqueness is found in a different kind of restaurant – the Cha Chaan Teng and it’s many dishes, especially Sai Do Si.

Continue reading “A Hong Kong experience – Sai Do Si 西多士”

China’s best burger

I’m a huge fan of Chinese food. I love all kind of dumplings, rice and noodles. Particularly I’m fond of Cantonese Dim Sum and Sichuan cuisine which is very spicy. But sometimes I just crave for Western food. Bread, salad and nice burgers. On my last holiday I came across one of the best burgers I had in China so far – in Lijiang. Continue reading “China’s best burger”

Tiger Leaping Gorge – one place you shouldn’t miss

Sometimes you come across a landscape that is so stunningly beautiful you just stand there, speechless and in awe what Mother Nature is capable of. That’s the feeling you will have when seeing the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China’s Yunnan province for the fist time.

The gorge is one of the world deepest. Mountains up to 4500m stand majestically on either side. Continue reading “Tiger Leaping Gorge – one place you shouldn’t miss”

Saudi Arabia – the secret kingdom

I came back from a two days business trip to one of the strangest countries I’ve been to – Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. There’s never ever been a parliament in the entire history. The country also seems to try to shut itself down to non-muslim foreigners.  There is no individual tourism, there are no tourist visa. The only way to access the country is with a business, working or “worship” visa given to Muslim pilgrims. And obtaining a visa has its own challenges, which I realized at the embassy in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Saudi Arabia – the secret kingdom”

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