Inside Apple’s factory – a visit to Foxconn

Few people in the Western world have heard of Foxconn. The Taiwanese company is where most of iPhones and iPads are being assembled. Foxconn made headlines about a year ago when some of the workers committed suicide. Now. a TV crew from ABC news visited Foxconn for the first time.

Continue reading “Inside Apple’s factory – a visit to Foxconn”

Electric taxis in Hong Kong?

I’ve always wondered why there are no electric cars in Hong Kong. This city state is the ideal place for electric cars as the main issue plaguing electric cars is totally irrelevant here.
What is the main issue about electric cars from a consumers point of view? Yes, they are more expensive but there’s something else. Distance! Continue reading “Electric taxis in Hong Kong?”

Babies at the gate

Hong Kong is under threat! No, it’s not greedy speculators, bad air or the shortage of housing. It’s babies! More than half of all babies in Hong Kong are actually “Mainlanders”, babies born in Hong Kong to Mainland Chinese parents. Hong Kong seems to get flooded with Mainland babies which puts an unprecedented strain on Hong Kong’s society. Or does it?  Continue reading “Babies at the gate”

Hong Kong – The World’s freest country… but is it?

Hong Kong and Singapore regularly top the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom. But is Hong Kong really a free country in terms of economic freedom? At a maximum tax rate of 15%, no taxes on capital gains, no VAT or sales tax and a company setup process that takes, well, maybe one hour for an Ltd, the answer is obvious – YES. But if you look at the local economy and who runs the show, the answer is a clear – NO! Continue reading “Hong Kong – The World’s freest country… but is it?”

I’m innocent – it was my wife! A story of Hong Kong’s pathetic politicians…

This is a story about Hong Kong’s Housing Authority, the election for the city’s Chief Executive (mayor of Hong Kong) and a cheated wife who bites the bullet for her husband. It has all the features of a Chinese drama, except that in a Chinese drama everyone dies at the end. Here, the wife is just accused as being the culprit in an illegal housing construction…. Continue reading “I’m innocent – it was my wife! A story of Hong Kong’s pathetic politicians…”

Saigon – Welcome to Food Paradise

Two weeks ago I went to a country which is, like China, Communist. At least on paper. If you’re walking along the street’s of Saigon, passing street vendors, LV shops and BMWs you will soon realize that Communism in Vietnam is all but limited to paper. I went to Vietnam expecting something similar to China, but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. This country is amazing. And it’s a food lover’s paradise….  Continue reading “Saigon – Welcome to Food Paradise”

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