Motorcycling in Hong Kong

Two weeks ago, my mate and I went on a 230km trip through Hong Kong. I was surprised we ended up riding 230km, considering that the maximum distance from one end of Hong Kong to the border is just around 50km. We started our trip very early on a Sunday morning…

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How to get cheated in Central Hong Kong – a beginners guide for long-term expats…

In my previous post about my motorcycle adventure in Vietnam I mentioned that I could’ve kicked myself for not buying a GoPro camera.
Well, now I bought one. And what an incredible nice toy it is. However, buying the little gadget turned out to be a textbook “rip-off the-the-stupid-guy-story”. I should’ve known better to be honest and blame myself for my foolishness….

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Line up, spend your money – Asia’s love with brands

Linking up at Plada....
Linking up at Plada….

One thing quite hard to understand as an European in Asia is the attitude towards luxury brands. I’m from Germany, home of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, RIMOWA and other brands. But you haven’t really experienced what it means to “love brands” before coming to Hong Kong. Have you ever lined up to enter a Prada shop just to spend your money? No? Well, here you do….

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