Is it a metro? Or an art gallery?

IMG_8766Looking for the cheapest flight from Europe back to Asia I came across Aeroflot. I’ve never visited Russia so a quick stopover in Moscow sounded tempting. And that’s what I did. Moscow, here we come…

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What’s App – and what’s the appernative?

What's App I’m sure you’ve heard about “What’s App”. If you haven’t, “What’s App” is an application available for smartphones such as the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and more. It allows you to send messages, similar to SMS, to friends who also use the same application. On the upside, it’s free of charge (you only need to pay for the internet traffic generated), on the downside it’s very insecure. But what are secure alternatives out there?

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ownCloud – the Dropbox alternative. Control your own data!


Mr Snowden’s revelations have confirmed that the “land of the free” has transformed itself into an Orwelian nightmare. So what to do? Don’t use IT and cloud computing anymore? Well, good luck. If you don’t rely on technology, good for you. But I don’t want to miss the convenience of IT services and cloud computing. So I was looking for an alternative for Dropbox, or iDrive. And I found one. I’m proud to introduce ownCloud to you!

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