This is Hong Kong… unfortunately….

I came across a video on YouTube yesterday (see below) that shows a different side of Hong Kong. A side you don’t realise if you stay in your expatriate circles or are just a tourist. But if you’ve lived in Hong Kong for a while and are familiar with the local culture you won’t be surprised. This video shows the other side of Hong Kong, a society which worships money, property and celebrities but isn’t much interested in other things in life….

The video below shows three different scenarios of how the first “meet the parents” can work out in Hong Kong. In the first scenario the boy in question is asked to leave. In the second scenario the future potential in-laws are more friendly and forthcoming. And in the third scenario, he’s treated like a son-in-law.

So where’s the difference? It’s all where you live. Property and money are all what counts in this society.

In the first scenario, our young friend lives in a public housing estate, like many in Hong Kong. In the second scenario he just purchased his own private flat, in the third he’s a owner of a very expensive property. What is interesting is that his job in all three scenarios, a photographer, remains the same. But depending on his mentioning different properties the (future) mother-in-law draws different conclusions.

Judging from the comments on YouTube, Mr Ronnie Chau ( hit quite a nerve.

It’s not just potential mother-in-laws that draw their conclusions from where you live. I used to live near the Hong Kong – China border as I had to go to China a few times every week for business. Now, things are different and we moved down south to a nice residency in Tai Po with club house, swimming pool and other amenities.

A few weeks after we moved, I received a letter from my bank. They informed me that my credit card limit was raised to HKD 100,000 (that’s about 10,000 Euro or USD 12,000). What puzzled me is how they came to the conclusion that my credit worthiness is that high. Previously, they only granted me 10% of that amount and I haven’t used the credit card nor the linked savings account in years.

Then I realised. It was the address. The property.

Watch the two videos below. The first video shows the three different scenarios, the second explains the story from the husbands point of view.

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      1. Oh, I’m sure it is. But given the lack of transparency in European real estate markets (apart from the UK), it won’t be used to the extent it’s being applied here.

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