A baby lounge…. I can’t believe it

A week ago my wife met friends for “Yum Cha”. Literally “Yum Cha” translates as ‘drink tea’ but what you do is meeting up with friends or family, eat Cantonese Dim Sum and have a good time.
Afterwards we went to one of the ‘consume temples’ aka shopping malls in Tsim Sha Tsui and found, in between shops selling overpriced baby stuff, a baby lounge!

Now you might ask yourself ‘what the hell is a baby lounge’?
I have to admit I’ve never come across one before. Part of the reason might be that I only became a father eight weeks ago.
A baby lounge is the area the size of a medium sized shop whose only purpose it is to provide a space of shelter for parents to feed, calm or change their baby’s diapers. A brilliant idea. (Please note there’s no sarcasm here!)
Upon entering the premises you feel like in the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong. The only difference is free booze and free food that are readily available at the airport lounge aren’t available here. But I don’t want to complain.
Everything in the baby lounge was shiny and new. The leather sofas exuded an air of luxury only seen in the countless of jewellery / designer / handbag shops in the mall.
A diaper changing table is installed next to a washbasin. The washbasin looks so new it made the impression that it was installed just a few hours ago. And the stainless-steel, designer water tap is so shiny you can see every single one of your nose hairs when you move your head towards the gigantic mirror affixed to the wall.
The ‘baby lounge’ had two cabins for mothers to breastfeed. Inside you find a sink, water tap, diaper changing table, hot water dispenser and hand disinfect lotion. The cabins are huge (by Hong Kong standards) and provide everything you need when you’re out with your baby.
I’m genuinely amazed how child friendly Asia is. In Europe, you won’t even find diaper changing tables on toilets, you’re pretty much left to your own.

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