Tai Po Old Police Station

img_3641I’ve been living in Tai Po for more than three years now and haven’t made it to the old police station on top of the hill. And this despite it being just 500m away from where I live….

Today I took my two children and walked up the hill. And what a nice place it is….

The Police Station was built on top of the hill more than 100 years ago when Tai Po was just a fishing village. It was transferred to the Green Hub, a location built to promote sustainability and eco-friendly living. And given that Hong Kong produces the highest amount of rubbish per capita in this world, it’s about time.

Upon entering, you pass by a few stalls selling eco products. Make your way up to the right and you can visit the old Tai Po Police station and peek into the armoury and the prison cells. You can also read up about the history of Tai Po, the New Territories and the police station.

At the front is the visitor centre and a shop selling organic products. Towards your left you find the main area including a organic restaurant selling vegetarian dishes. The cakes are quite nice, I haven’t had a chance to try the lunch set but it looks great.

There are other activities you can join in. All activities want to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. From vegetarian cooking classes to making your own recycled paper, you can join those activities throughout the day.

Greenhub is open from 10:00, last admission at 16:00. It’s better to be early, if you arrive at 10:00 you have the entire place for yourself.


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  1. Hi there – is there any other way aside from encrypted mail to contact you re: living in Tai Po? Wanted an expatriate opinion of someone who’s relatively well-lived in China and Hong Kong, as I’ll probably be moving there for school.

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