A day trip to Shenzhen

It’s been a while since I went back to Shenzhen. I pass the city every week but my interaction is limited to leaving the Hong Kong – China border, heading to the train station and taking the train to Dongguan.

I read about a new Book store,本来书店, that opened in a new shopping mall in Futian called 深业上成 with an extensive children’s book section. Continue reading “A day trip to Shenzhen”

A Hong Kong experience – Sai Do Si 西多士

Hong Kong is famous for it’s variety of eateries. You will find everything from a small street stove to a five star restaurant. You fancy Indian, German, Chinese, French, Spanish cuisine? No problem, it’s all within a few meters in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong’s uniqueness is found in a different kind of restaurant – the Cha Chaan Teng and it’s many dishes, especially Sai Do Si.

Continue reading “A Hong Kong experience – Sai Do Si 西多士”

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