A bookshop where people are reading

I had to hop over the border yesterday to visit a factory in Shenzhen. Before I went back to Hong Kong, I stopped at “Windows of the World” metro. Around eight years ago I lived next to the metro stop and I recall there’s a large shopping mall.

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Hong Kong Motorcycle show 2013

If you’re into motorbikes and live in Hong Kong – this is your show!

Motorcycling in Hong Kong

Motorcycle show

It’s time again! This year’s Hong Kong Motorcycle show will take place on Sunday, 27-October at Chater Road in Central Hong Kong.

Local dealerships will display their bikes. But it’s not only the big brands that show up, also small motorbike workshops usually have a stand at the show.

Entrance is free so make sure you participate!

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Motorbiking in China – should you dare?

I had this on my “motorbike” blog, but it’s also worth sharing here. Really hilarious!

Motorcycling in Hong Kong

If the universe is indeed indefinitely large, surely the human intelligence must also be indefinitely large or, alas, indefinitely small. A vailid proof of the latter hypothesis was provided by a motorist in China. The video below is hilarious. You might not be surprised to know that I haven’t used a motorbike in Mainland China before. For very good reasons as you can see…..

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Motorcycling in Hong Kong

Two weeks ago, my mate and I went on a 230km trip through Hong Kong. I was surprised we ended up riding 230km, considering that the maximum distance from one end of Hong Kong to the border is just around 50km. We started our trip very early on a Sunday morning…

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