Encryption 201: Encrypt your emails

In last weeks post I provided a bit of theory into the field of encryption. This week, let’s do the real stuff. Let’s encrypt our emails. I will explain how to encrypt emails using the free software PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) on a Mac together with Apple’s built-in Mail client.  Continue reading “Encryption 201: Encrypt your emails”

Encryption 101: How do I protect myself against nosy secret services….

EncryptionSo you read everything about the recent NSA scandal and ask yourself: How can I make sure my data is safe?

The answer: ENCRYPTION!

Only through strong encryption and strong passwords you can make sure you data is save from nosy secret services or hackers. And it’s actually quite easy as this series of posts will show you.  Continue reading “Encryption 101: How do I protect myself against nosy secret services….”

ownCloud – the Dropbox alternative. Control your own data!


Mr Snowden’s revelations have confirmed that the “land of the free” has transformed itself into an Orwelian nightmare. So what to do? Don’t use IT and cloud computing anymore? Well, good luck. If you don’t rely on technology, good for you. But I don’t want to miss the convenience of IT services and cloud computing. So I was looking for an alternative for Dropbox, box.net or iDrive. And I found one. I’m proud to introduce ownCloud to you!

Continue reading “ownCloud – the Dropbox alternative. Control your own data!”

Get your hands (or your algorithm) off my data!

Big Brother is Watching you

I’ve never posted about privacy or data protection. Having lived in Mainland China, I have first hand experience of internet censorship though. No Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, that’s really annoying. News sites such as the BBC or New York Times are frequently blocked, unless you go around the great firewall with a VPN.

Since I moved to Hong Kong, these problems disappeared. I can enjoy ultra-fast internet and use cloud services. But, given the “bad” Chinese, I used services based in the United States. Surely, the country which always holds up freedom of speech wouldn’t dare screwing around with my data. How we were all wrong…. Continue reading “Get your hands (or your algorithm) off my data!”

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